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Date Added: 07/05/2016 Difference between USA work visa and USA work permit

Difference between USA work visa and USA work permit

To enter in the jurisdiction of any country you need to get permission from the relevant authorities if you want to work in that country. Two different terms that are US work Visa and Work Permit USA are commonly used whenever a foreigner wanted to work in the US.

US Work VisaUS Work Visa

US Work Visa is the permission granted by the authority to the foreign national to enter in the US by for the purpose of work. This visa is endorsed after the proper examination and approval by the US authorities. Variety of US Work Visas is issued to the foreigners depending upon the nature of the work that individuals want to do in US. Professionals, athletes, investors, traders and other labor workers all are provided with the different US Work Visa.

The people who want to live in the United States are sponsored by the employers and the government allows them to work and stay in the US after the proper examination. The work visa is given only for the specific jobs and specific time duration. Once the work visa is expired the individual can apply for the extension.

Work Permit USA

In contrast the USA Work Permit is a legal authority endorsed to the individual who are already present in the US and want to work there. The USA Work Permit is the employment permission that is shown to the employers in the United States to prove that the person is legally authorized by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to work. 

The foreigners living in the United States cannot work there till they get the Work Permit. It is a sort of the identity card with the photo given to the citizen of the United States also called as Employment.

Authorization Document (EAD).

The minors or the individuals living in the United States must have to apply for the USA Work Permit before starting work in the US first time.

The green card holders are the only citizens who do not need to apply for the EAD to work in the US. The foreigners who are sponsored by the employers of the United States also do not need to apply for the work Permit. 

Beside this, tourists and visit visa holders are not eligible to apply for the Work Permit.All the individuals who want to apply for Work Permit have to fill Form I-765 that is given by the USCIS. The authorities demand photo, documents and fee so that they can carry on with the application process.


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