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Date Added: 11/18/2017 Photo Requirements for USA Green Card 2017

Green Card Photo Requirements


For photos that you put in your US visa and green card there are certain requirementsPhotographs prerequisites are the identical for green card, U.S. visa, and also U.S. passport. In the section below are a number of instructions on such prerequisites. On photographs that are presented not meeting such requirements the application of yours is going to be thought to be incomplete.

• Snaps are mandatory for every applicant, among which are kids.

• The snap must be printed on skinny snap-quality paper

• The snap has got be a colored snap

• The snap must have been taken less than 6 months before

• The snap have got to measure precisely 2/ 2 inches.

The snap must reveal a clear, frontage view, complete face of the individual. The individual must be having regular street attire on, must not be wearing hat /shady glasses and must be taken against a basic white / off-white backdrop. The individual’s expression must be natural and each of his eyes must be eyes open and staring straight in front. Customary smile that are not, overstated are acceptable, although atypical expressions and peering aren’t. A snap in which a cornered person’s face isn’t in focus is not going to be accepted.

The head of the individual, computed from the underside of his/her chin to the crown of his/her hair, must be among 1 and 1-3/8 inches. His/her head must be centered in the snap. The cranium of the individual being photographed must never be slanted up, downward or to aside. It ought to cover an approximate of 50% of the part of the snap.
On the whole, the head of the applicant, which include the face as well as hair, must be evident right from the coronet of his/her head through to the tip of his/her chin and from a hairline to the other sideways. It is also preferable that his/her ears show.Snaps having busy, dark/ patterned backdrops are not going to be accepted.There are many more requirements.


The Department of State implemented the electronic registration system beginning with DV-2005 in order to make the DV process more efficient and secure. The Department utilizes special technology and other means to identify those who commit fraud for the purposes of illegal immigration or those who submit multiple entries.



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"Step 2 of 3 service plan & payment

A.STEP 2 of 3 - SERVICE PLAN & PAYMENT. Make a payment of Processing Fee, according to your Service Plan. Please proceed to the link below:


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"how can you help me after submitting my application and how much is the processing fee.

A. Thank you for contacting us. To start the process, you need to:

STEP 1 of 3 - USA-GREEN-CARD LOTTERY Application, located on this page:

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